5 Reasons Why you Should Visit Queensland in Winter


Even though Queensland is famous for its sunny days and exotic beaches, you can visit there during the winter. Interestingly, there are a lot of activities you can engage in.

If you are considering where should you visit in Queensland during the winter, then read this piece. Below are the reasons why Queensland should be your first choice.

1. For Whale-Watching

When you visit Queensland during the winter, you get to have personal contact with the whales. This is because the whales pass through the Queensland coastline on their journey from Antarctica during the winter. You can visit Cairns or the Great Barrier Reef during the winter for Whale-Watching.

2. To Explore Brisbane

If you want to see the best of Brisbane, then the right time to visit Queensland is during the winter. You can go hiking on Mount Coot-tha or kayaking in the Brisbane river. Regardless of the outdoor activity, you engage in, you won’t be bored in Brisbane.

3. To enjoy the Winter Celebrations

During the winter, there are a lot of cultural events organized in Queensland. If you go there during this time, you will not only participate in these celebrations but also enjoy them. You can explore the museum, attend a film festival or eat all you want at the winter harvest.

4. To enjoy the Cool Weather

Queensland is mostly dry during the winter. This means you can explore the city without worrying about unexpected rainfall. Not to mention, the National Parks in Queensland are suitable to visit during the winter season too.

5. The Waves are Better in Winter

Is surfing something you enjoy? Then you have another reason to visit Queensland in winter. During winter, the waves are better because there are no north winds. Even if you are not an expert surfer, you can learn to surf in any of the surf schools along the coastline.


If you were unable to visit Queensland for your summer vacation, then you can go there during the winter. Finally, amazing places to visit in Australia are uncountable.

Jack Zoe
the authorJack Zoe