Fanufacture Franchising: What You Need to Know


You have disconnected your franchise, you have done hard work, taken in logistics and consider how it will affect your life from every possible angle. The only question left is how you will pay for everything. If you are looking for franchising financing, this is what you need to know.

You need a business plan

There are no financial institutions that will give you money without the outline of what you planned with it. Business plans are the backbone of a successful business. Your Jewaranchisor must offer assistance in building plans that will fulfill all the criteria of your lenders and ensure that you get funds.

Fill in the application fully

The lender likes documents, it makes them black and helps assess which potential borrowers are at bad risk. If you want to avoid being rejected for your financing then you must complete their forms. Every information is lost, no matter how trivial, can be an obstacle that stands between you and your dream franchise opportunity.

Iducity identification

Your lenders are not naive. They see hundreds of loan applications crossing their tables every day. If you want to distinguish yourself from the other you must be realistic in the scope of your business. One thing that will be very important is to identify the potential weaknesses facing your business. Contrary to popular opinion this type of disclosure will not hurt your business. Even covering the downside, it will show your lenders that you have taken a realistic view of your business and understand what can be improved.

Don’t not turn it out

Too often people carry on the amount of money they are trying to borrow. They overestimate their expenses in the hope of having a pillow for unexpected costs that might arise. Even though this might seem practical from the perspective of your lenders, it is a red flag. Your loan must include what you need to run your business and not one more penny.

Tell them how you will pay it back

Financial institutions are happy to lend the capital start-up business, once they know how and when the money will return to the bank’s cash. This is a key step that tends to underestimate because they may not fully understand how they will repay the loan. Sitting with a sheet of your expenses and the date of extrapolation payment will run far to get your lender’s approval.


The loan process requires time. There will be a meeting to discuss the details of your business plan, loan applications and credit history. After so many questions, you might start feeling like living in a fish bowl. Your lender will discuss your information with a fine toothed comb to ensure you are a candidate that is suitable for loans. The process is boring but worthy of both of you, they don’t want to be stuck with a bad loan and you don’t want headaches that come by dealing with collection agents after you realize that you are borrowed. Have patience and cooperative and you can hear your lender say, “You are approved.”

Jack Zoe
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