Find Your Fun This Weekend With Cirque du Soleil’s Top Shows in Las Vegas


Cirque du Soleil stands for ‘Circus of the Sun’ and, as such, they’ve gained quite a following since the early days of their street performances in Baie-Saint-Paul.

Now considered one of the largest purveyors of electrifying live circus entertainment, Cirque du Soleil has sent its roots sprawling throughout the deserts of Las Vegas so that visitors can enjoy six stunning shows any night of the year.

As the New Year comes into view, enjoy the top shows in Vegas tonight by booking the most affordable last-minute tickets Las Vegas has around!

A Night Out With Cirque du Soleil

From their early days of juggling and stilt-walking to now, Cirque du Soleil has focused on creating timeless moments that can stick with an audience forever. With world-class talents ranging from 55 nations around the globe, Cirque du Soleil has cultivated a roster of shows and talent to keep you overjoyed, no matter the occasion.

Let’s highlight a few of our favorite shows in Vegas for individuals looking to have a mind-blowing night of acrobatics, magic, and live music.

The Beatles LOVE, The Mirage

Electric soundscapes paired with unique acrobatics and a commitment to the 60s aesthetic have made The Beatles LOVE one of the most unique and enjoyable shows on the Vegas Strip. One of the most immersive shows on the Cirque du Soleil’s menu, LOVE showcases aerial acrobatics set to the sounds of Sir George Martin, the 3x Grammy Award-winning Beatles producer.

If you are a fan of the Beatles, make sure to keep your eyes peeled. Despite all of the frenetic energy going on, hardcore Beatle fans will want to notice tons of unique moments! Consider taking the Behind the Scenes tour to really get the most out of your experience.

KA at MGM Grand

Set atop a colossal moving stage that reengineers the entire experience as it rotates. KA is a unique show brimming with action and huge set pieces. If you want to enjoy gravity-defying acrobatics on a technical level that few other shows can match, KA is the right choice.

Mystere at Treasure Island

Mystere is the longest-running Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas. A powerful blend of imagination and silly acrobatics, Mystere combines the fun, uplifting goofs of all Cirque du Soleil shows with the technical prowess that they’ve become so well known for.

The Blue Man Group

There are shows, and then there are shows. The Blue Man Group has become a steady part of the Las Vegas landscape thanks to its unique combination of jokes, musical experiences, and live displays of comedy.

Without the need for dialogue, the Blue Man Group puts on a show brimming with comedy and fit for the whole family — all without fear of language barriers.

If you are rolling into a Blue Man Group show, try to get time for a photo op.

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