Five Great City Locations For Paddleboarders


There are a number of reasons as to why paddleboarding is celebrated, from the ability it allows people to explore the water to the low-impact workout and simple learning curve that enables a wide range of individuals to get started. Another great aspect, however, is the wanderlust it instills in its enthusiasts, with many eager to explore as many bodies of water as possible.

Some destinations are even so sought after that paddleboarders will travel from far and wide to experience them, such as mountainous lakes and clearwater coasts. Those living in the United States of America will find themselves lucky because a number of such exciting destinations are found in and around some of the country’s cities, making them an ideal and easily accessible destination for a paddleboarding getaway.

Tahoe City

Lake Tahoe is an essential destination for paddleboarders, offering not only stunning and remarkably deep waters but also a backdrop of luscious forests that is certain to impress all outdoorsy types. This lake is also home to the Tahoe Cup race, welcoming paddle boarders from all over the USA to compete.

In addition to the waters being crystal clear, there is also a massive expanse to explore, meaning that, even during the height of summer, you will be able to paddle out and find a quiet spot to enjoy without distraction.

Key West

Florida’s Key West is famous for its white sands and blue waters and has quickly become a sought-after destination for SUP enthusiasts looking to experience a little luxury. What makes this destination extra special, aside from its idyllic vistas, is both the abundance of wildlife and the absence of surfers, who tend to occupy beaches further north for more reliable breaks. This means that paddleboarders can generally enjoy the mangroves and beaches all to themselves!


A stark contrast from the warmth of Florida is the otherworldly vastness of Glacier Bay. Promising you bring the right equipment and ensure a comfortable body temperature with the right clothing for freezing temperatures when out on (and especially in!) the water, traveling to Alaska is a fantastic way to experience paddleboarding unlike few others have.


Consistently ranking among the best beaches in the US to experience, Kailua manages to balance popularity and preservation, having some of the cleanest beaches and shores of all Hawaiian islands. The shores of the city are also only a short paddle from other small islands, allowing for brief paddles to secluded beaches, perfect for a private lunch beneath blue skies.


For those who enjoy an urban getaway but one that also allows for an amazing paddleboarding experience, there are few cities more suitable than Chicago. In addition to the fantastic waters of Lake Michigan, you will be able to paddleboard along the coast and experience the city’s renowned architecture in a unique way. There is also the option to experience Chicago’s Riverwalk, gentle waters that allow paddleboarders into the city’s central loop. Then, for those wanting more of a challenge, there’s the great expanse of North Avenue beach.

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