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Getting the Best Deal When You Sell Your Car


There is no doubt about it, motoring these days is a costly business, what with the skyrocketing cost of fuel and insurance, not to mention ongoing repairs and maintenance. It is little wonder then that people up and down the country are turning their back on their cars, opting instead for public transport. So, if you are at that stage, what can you do when it comes to selling your car to make sure you get the best possible price? After all, if you have been shelling out your hard-earned cash on your car for the last several years, you will want to get the best payback you can when it comes to letting it go.

Find out what it’s really worth

This may seem obvious, but so many people simply pluck a figure out of the air when they are selling their vehicle and are never really sure if it represents value for money. Check with Glasses guide or another online resource for an accurate estimate of your vehicle’s value. This cannot take into account intangibles such as the car’s overall appearance, but it will give you a good basis on which to set a price. You can also check in the classified section of your local newspaper or on sites like Auto trader to see what similar cars are going for. It may only be a general guide but it’s a useful indicator nonetheless.

Sell Via a Private Ad If Possible

As a general rule, you are more likely to get a better price if you sell your car privately to another individual, rather than to a dealer who will be looking to sell it with a suitable markup for his profit. Try to make sure that you have all the car’s records to hand for inspection by potential buyers, especially a full service and repairs history if possible.  Having this data to hand also means you can handle any questions that potential buyers may have, which can help smooth the sale. If you appear not to be informed about your car’s history or worse still, vague to the point of prevarication – this could put potential buyers off. Transparency is the key to reassuring any concern a potential buyer may have.

Make It Presentable

You should make your car look its best if you want to achieve the best possible price. Get your car professionally valuated – or else do it yourself – because having the vehicle look clean and presentable could add quite a bit on to the eventual sale price.

Use the Power of the Web

There are lots of excellent places on the net where you can advertise your vehicle for sale. Many such as Gum tree or Craigslist are free of charge, but some of the specialist sites which charge a modest placement fee may be worth considering too, simply because of the enormous amount of visitors they receive each month, all looking for a good deal on a new vehicle. Don’t forget the other traditional methods of advertising australian casino your vehicle, such as on the bulletin board at work or in any clubs or organizations of which you are a member. Spread the word as widely as possible if you want to get the best possible deal.

Don’t Stress About Negotiating

If you want to achieve the best price for your vehicle you need to price it well and confidently. Don’t just pick a price out of the air as mentioned above. If you have acted on the tips above, you will have the car’s records and history at your fingertips – make sure you use this information to justify the price you are seeking. If you have to negotiate on the price make sure you don’t reduce the initial price too drastically. Be prepared to make small, incremental reductions, but have a price in mind below which you won’t go. After all, there will be more than one buyer out there.

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