How a fishing charter from Merimbula was the highlight of your trip to Australia


You are sitting in your local pub back home in Blighty after what was the holiday of a lifetime. You headed all the way down under to see your cousin and her family who you haven’t seen for twenty years. You even got your timing bang on and managed to see England win the T20 cricket World Cup in Melbourne.

But it was the adjoining state that gave you memories that won’t be shown repeatedly on TV but were just as special to you, after her husband arranged for you to go on a fishing charter in Merimbula. It was amazing and don’t your mates who you drink with know it, as you regale them regularly with the following highlights.

  • The town of Merimbula itself was beautiful and well worth a day visit, with its 5 beaches and ocean which seemed popular with surfers. You also saw some head out to go snorkelling who said that the conditions were perfect for that activity.
  • You have never been much of an angler, but are always up for a challenge and adventure. There was no need for concern. With only 12 of you aboard the modern boat heading out from the marina, there was no shortage of space which allowed you to relax.
  • All the necessary equipment was provided meaning a hassle free and enjoyable experience, even if you did receive some light hearted banter about the Ashes cricket. The deckhand and skipper were fantastic in assisting you and offering easy to understand advice which immediately put you at ease.
  • As if the fishing wasn’t good enough, you saw some whales migrating back towards Antarctica from the South Pacific, in the distance away from your vessel. What a thrill to see what turned out to be a couple of Humpbacks.
  • Your captain knew exactly which reef to head to for the optimum chance of landing a catch by assessing local weather conditions. Among the fish you saw being caught by your fellow anglers were nannygai, gummy shark, and gropers. Your joy was unconfined when a hooked a snapper.
  • The length of the charter was spot on too, with 3 hours plenty of time to grab your enthusiasm before your catch was cleaned and bagged so you could provide it for dinner. How that tasted good!

Yes, a fishing charter from Merimbula was definitely a great experience and one you would repeat given half a chance.

Jack Zoe
the authorJack Zoe