Top Private Jet Charter Flight Companies in 2021


Covering more than 70% of the private jet charter market share globally, the USA is the largest aviation market worldwide. The Teterboro Airport is the most famous private jet airport in New York City, with around 27,000 private jet charter flight movements each year on average.

With over 4,211 private jet charter airports, the US private jet charter flights offer the best luxury, convenience, and speed. With increased competition in the global aviation market, popular private jet companies are cutting down their prices to top the charts. We have chalked down the five best private charter companies based on their client reviews, fleet, pricing, and flexibility.


This technology-powered private jet company is driven towards offering cost-effective and time-efficient transportation facilities in the most congested US ground routes. It offers unrivaled accommodation features, on-the-ground experiences, and conformable flying options to the passengers.

With BLADE, you can easily travel through congested urban points anywhere across the globe.

Fly XO

Founded in 2006, this private jet charter company offers a variety of pay-as-you-go plans and membership options. Besides having its own planes fleet, Fly XO also provides charter jet options for passengers.

It allows charterers to share their seats or offer spare seats to other interested passengers. Additionally, it offers flexible cancellation options and quick digital bookings.

Priority One Jets

Launched in 2011, this private aviation company offers jet charter flights to its clients at any time at any place across the globe. It has over 7,000 private jet charter flights around the world.

You can fly within 4 hours of seat booking. It also has a ‘no strings attached’ option that comes with no long-term commitment or upfront fees.

Surf Air

Surf Air provides some of the most affordable and unlimited private jet charter flights across Texas and California. The smaller airports and private jet facilities allow passengers to arrive a few minutes before their departure while avoiding large crowds.

The Surf Air Express jet service is ideal for passengers who fly frequently. You can purchase single seats through pay-as-you-go options and make a once-a-year membership payment.


NetJets is the largest and oldest private jet charter company globally, with around 700 jets of different sizes, classes, and fleets. NetJets private jet charter flights offer three types of use and membership options –

  •       NetJets Share – It is available for clients who wish to fly over 50 hours annually while owning a part of the jet.
  •       NetJets Card – It is ideal for clients who wish to fly for not more than 50 hours each year.
  •       NetJets Lease – It is tailored for clients who prefer not owning a part of the jet while flying for over 50 hours each year.

Summing Up

With the aviation market expanding globally, the US private jet charter companies are offering more cost-effective membership options. You can now book flights within seconds and fly across the world in a time-efficient manner by opting for the above-mentioned top US private jet charter flight companies.

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