Want to try out golfing? Here are the best golf destinations in Spain


Golfers who wish to play a game that is on their “bucket list”, as well as golfers who are simply looking for a new challenge, will find Spain golf holiday destinations. Due to the country of Spain’s extensive golf course variety, golfers from all over the world travel there to play the game. It is possible to find here resorts of the best possible quality, as well as resorts with bustling beaches, resorts with the peaceful countryside, and traditional golf courses.

Spanish golf courses are among the greatest in Europe, and the country has a diverse selection of sites and experiences that make it an ideal golfing trip. These are excellent golf courses and players’ favourite winter sun getaways.

Spain’s top golf courses

Costa Del Golf

The “Costa Del Golf” is constantly growing to provide for visitors’ requirements. The weather, which is pleasant throughout the year, and the golf courses, which are among the best, have not changed.

Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are every golfer’s fantasy destination due to their abundance of breath-taking courses. Because of the pleasant climate throughout the year, this picture-perfect setting has become home to numerous opulent golf resorts and championship courses.


Murcia, Spain’s south-eastern area, is known for its magnificent coastline and abundance of high-quality vacation attractions and golf courses. With mountains and the Mediterranean Sea on opposite sides of the province, a golf excursion in Murcia provides one of Spain’s most magnificent backdrops.

Costa De La Luz

The proximity of the Costa del Sol and Portugal’s Algarve, two of Europe’s most famous golfing destinations, has helped the Costa de la Luz grow into a world-class golf getaway destination in its own right. In Spain, the Costa del Sol and the Algarve can be found. If you want to play golf in Spain, this region is an excellent choice because it shares its stunning coastline and year-round pleasant weather.

Costa Blanca

The breathtaking coastline of Costa Blanca is a popular destination not just for people who want to sunbathe but also for people who want to play golf. This is because Costa Blanca gets more sunlight than any other place in continental Europe, including those that are farther north and south.

PGA Catalunya

Because the European Tour’s main professional events are played on the Stadium Course at PGA Catalunya, this course is a must-play and considered to have one of the best layouts in all of Europe. This course was once home to the Spanish Open, and it now holds a place of prominence among the greatest in Europe.


Valderrama is renowned for hosting the Ryder Cup and is widely regarded as Spain’s finest golf course. Additionally, it is regarded as one of Robert Trent Jones’ most outstanding designs. There is a consensus among golfers in Spain that Valderrama is one of the country’s top golf courses. It is regarded as one of the top ten courses in Europe. The city that hosted the Ryder Cup in 1997.

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